Small Plates

italian roasted bone marrow

garlic snails | bacon jam | cheese gratin | toasted ciabatta


avo ritz

char grilled prawn | avocado | rocket |siracha & prawn aioli spring onion


mini oxtail taco

braised oxtail ragout | salsa | slaw | feta crumble pickled cucumber | aioli


beef carpaccio

rocket | celery | padano shavings | truffle infused goat cheese maldon salt | aged balsamic | extra virgin olive oil


chicken liver bunny chow

spicy livers | mini loaf | rooibos apricot compote | yoghurt


baked camembert (v)

honey | maple syrup | pistachio | roasted grapes | bagatta


salt & pepper calamari

aioli | spring onion | lime


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Every meal we serve is aimed to bring you back to a happy place from the past, whether it is a dish, a sauce or just the smell of Ouma in her kitchen.

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